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Ken Steyls

Immersive Marketing

While virtual reality hardware becomes more accessible and content creation more advanced and impactful, an increasing amount of brands are using these technologies as part of their marketing strategy.

Tell Your Story

Embracing virtual reality as part of your experiential or event marketing activation allows brands to expand their consumer's experience and interact with them on a whole other level. You are not only able to tell your brand story, but you have the ability to create the story world for customers to step into. A world on terms of your values and propositions.

A New Sales Experience

Besides compelling and memorable brand experiences, virtual reality also has the ability to elevate the shopping experience itself. Showcase your products or allow consumers to get up close and personal with your products, anytime, anywhere. Offer a virtual tradeshow or enhance your presence at the real-world trade show. Real demonstrations are often impractical as you have restricted space in a crowded venue and only a limited amount of products you can put on display. Enhanced with virtual reality potential clients can discover the full range of your product line.

A Smurfy Brand Activation

We recently used virtual reality to help Fost Plus raise awareness about its brand’s mission. More specifically, to raise awareness around new sorting guidelines in Belgium.  Fost Plus, responsible for the collection and recycling of household packaging waste in Belgium, uses this virtual reality experience to help local governments to educate citizens of all ages in a fun and effective way.

To engage and encourage people into a subject matter that usually is not perceived as fun (like recycling), using virtual reality is already a good start. Virtual reality offers a different instructional experience for both children and adults, as it can position the user as a subject, rather than an observer, in a situation. 

To make the experience even more appealing and recognizable, we partnered up with The Smurfs. Within a pleasant 3D environment, we deployed game elements which resulted in an accessible and fun learning opportunity for a broad audience. In this game, you become a Smurf that has some cleaning up to do. Collect garbage in various Smurfy environments and see how well you sort. The result is a good example of deploying gamification and virtual reality in an accessible and fun learning opportunity. 

The experience is being rolled out by Brussels-based communication agency Indiandribble in cities all over Belgium.

It is always a challenge to convey a message to a broad audience. Edutainment and gamification are useful techniques to accomplish this kind of market reach. It made a lot of sense to develop a virtual reality game that educates the player on the new sorting guidelines. And doing this in the world of the Smurfs would be the icing on the cake. We called on the knowledge and expertise of AlterEyes to guide us through this process. Their creativity and solid technical know-how resulted in an experience appreciated by young and old. AlterEyes really smurfed it!
Adriaan Lowet - Communication Manager
Fost Plus

Immersive Expertise

As the technology evolves, immersive marketing experiences are no longer a nice to have. They become the new gold standard. Partner with an immersive expert today.

We leverage technology to take marketing to the next level and engage your audience like never before. Stand out from the crowd with unforgettable and immersive virtual and augmented reality experiences to drive sales, raise brand awareness and retain customers.

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