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About Us

AlterEyes is a Venture Studio within the eXtended Reality and Metaverse ecosystem.  eXtended reality covers the combined space of Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality technology.

Our AlterEyes ventures work on innovative XR projects, leveraging our combined skills in VR/AR game design, lean software design, AI, Cloud gaming, UX software, Big data, project management, electronics and System design.

Our Ventures are structured as seed-funded Business Units with the aim to grow them to stand-alone profitable business units .

Our leadership team has run global businesses with demonstratable success.  Our entrepreneurial origins find deep roots in all aspects from ideation over proof-of-concept (POC), Minimal Viable products (MVPs), product-market fit to creating series A investment-grade ventures.

Explore our Ventures and join our Ecosystem.

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