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Fuel Delivery Training

To improve employee training, we created an immersive training experience for Comfort Energy, the largest independent oil supplier in Belgium. This full VR training experience teaches the ins and outs of fuel delivery in the best way possible, by doing it in a risk-free environment.

Experiential learning in VR

There is growing and compelling evidence to suggest that virtual reality is an effective and efficient way to train people to perform safely under pressure. Advancements in technology, and developments in software, have enabled VR training to become mobile, flexible, ergonomic, and cost-effective. 

Dangerous, complex, or sensitive tasks can be accurately simulated and practiced without exposure to potential dangers. Trainees get accustomed to situations and build up muscle memory so they can make faster, more informed decisions in real-life situations with a dramatic reduction in errors.

Comfort Energy

Our goal was to represent the fuel delivery process as accurately as possible using finely detailed steps. After a thorough task analysis, we developed a virtual reality experience where trainees experience how to deliver fuel with a fuel truck, and how to handle a range of scenarios

Virtual reality now helps Comfort Energy’s workforce to become well-trained for real-life challenges. It helps to reduce the number of accidents, eliminates wasting valuable resources such as fuel, and avoids the risk of employees potentially harming themselves. But it doesn't stop there. Because of the accessibility of the application, it’s also being used as a recruitment tool and an innovative way to attract potential employees at job fairs. The application is also being used for safety awareness throughout the whole organization.


This learning experience was developed for standalone VR devices to ensure portability, scalability, and ease of use for facilitators. This enables the experience to incorporate full VR features, allowing freedom of movement and both learners’ hands being tracked in VR space for interactions. The content was created with Unity 3D to create an accurate, technically performant VR experience with high fidelity.

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